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Advantages of metal composite board

Time:2020-09-15 16:03:00

The metal composite plate refers to the metal layer on another metal plate. Under the premise of saving resources, the use effect (electric resistance, mechanical strength, etc.) is not reduced, and the cost effect is reduced. Composite materials usually include explosive compounds, explosive rolled composite materials, rolled composite materials and so on. Composite materials can be divided into composite plates, composite tubes, composite rods and so on. Mainly used in the manufacture of anti-corrosion, pressure vessel, construction, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, automobile and other industries.

Common metal composite panels include: titanium steel composite panels, copper steel composite panels, titanium zinc composite panels, titanium nickel composite panels, nickel steel composite panels, copper aluminum composite panels, nickel copper composite panels, etc.

Metal composite technology components can play their respective advantages to achieve the optimal configuration of material resources. In each of the precious metal materials, a single realization of the metal that can meet the performance requirements is used for stainless steel-steel composite plates for pressure vessels, for example, the base layer It has good mechanical properties with general carbon steel (Q245R, Q345R, etc.), and coated stainless steel (304,316 liters) has good corrosion resistance. It is usually welded together by explosion, only a few millimeters, and the price is stainless steel, which saves a lot The cost hardly changes the various mechanical properties of the basic materials. It can replace imports, fill the gap in the country, has a wide range of applications, has good economic and social benefits, and is easy to obtain support and help from all parties. For example, the development of stainless steel composite materials has always been a high-tech project supported by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Due to the performance, low cost and wide application of metal composite materials, the development potential of traditional metal composite materials has been improved. Enforcement of the national environmental protection industry policy has been strengthened, and the application of rare metal composite materials for flue gas desulfurization equipment power supply continues to grow. At the same time, the investment in the chemical industry has greatly accelerated the degree of localization, which also provides a good development opportunity for the development of rare metal materials.

The support of national industrial policies, high-tech barriers and the need for industrial upgrading provide a broad space for industrial development. The metal composite plate is on the metal layer and another metal plate, under the premise of saving resources, without reducing the use effect (resistance, mechanical strength, etc.), reducing the cost effect.

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