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Two main methods for the industrial production of stainless steel clad plates

Time:2020-09-15 16:04:19

How is stainless steel clad plate produced? There are two main methods for the industrial production of stainless steel clad plates, explosive clad and hot rolled clad.

The production process of the explosive clad plate is to overlap the stainless steel plate on the carbon steel substrate, and the stainless steel plate and the carbon steel substrate are separated by a certain distance with a cushion. Explosives are spread flat on the stainless steel plate. The energy of the explosive explosion makes the stainless steel plate hit the carbon steel substrate at high speed, generating high temperature and high pressure to realize solid-phase welding at the interface of the two materials. Ideally, the shear strength per square millimeter of the interface can reach 400 MPa.

The hot-rolled composite plate process is made by rolling the carbon steel base plate and stainless steel plate in a physically pure state under high vacuum conditions. During the rolling process, the two metals diffuse to achieve complete metallurgical bonding. Of course, in order to improve the wetting effect of the composite interface and increase the bonding strength, a series of technical measures must be taken in the physical and chemical treatment of the interface.

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