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Application of metal composite board industry

Time:2020-09-14 08:58:16

Metal composite board refers to a board covered with another metal on a layer of metal, which has achieved the effect of saving resources and reducing costs without reducing the use effect (anti-corrosion performance, mechanical strength, etc.). The compounding methods usually include explosive compounding, explosive rolling compounding, rolling compounding and so on. Composite materials can be divided into composite plates, composite tubes, composite rods, etc. according to their appearance. Mainly used in anti-corrosion, pressure vessel manufacturing, power construction, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, automobile and other industries.

In the current industry and manufacturing, the quality requirements of metal products are also getting higher and higher, although there are still more single structural shortage types of metal products in China.

In the development of domestic metal composite materials, there is a great demand. Metal and carbon steel composite steel plates have developed in recent years, and many new varieties have been developed. Multi-purpose composite metal materials. Product definition is very important. Metal composite panels are widely used, food, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and other industries can be widely used in composite materials.

Compared with ordinary steel plates, metal composite plates have a wide range of applications and the high-tech content of composite materials;

The metal composite board is based on carbon steel, and the production cost must be much higher than that of metal, and the price is only one-third of that of metal;

The composite board contains less precious metals, but improves product quality and saves resources;

The composite board material involves steel grade; users can customize according to their own needs;

Metal composite board and metal, non-ferrous metal and carbon steel have multiple advantages, good performance, suitable for special industries, and irreplaceable;

This material has high bonding strength, and the combination of two metal sawtooth atoms ensures the bonding strength.

Before 2006, when the output of China's metal composite panel was still very low, the annual output in 2008 was about 100,000 tons. After recent years of development, the total production capacity of China's metal composite panel industry has reached 50 million to 60 million tons, but unfortunately, the current market utilization rate of metal composite panels is very low, yet to be developed, and the development prospects are particularly impressive.

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